10 best ground beef recipes

10 of the BEST Ground Beef Recipes! | Tasty, Quick & Cheap Dinners Made EASY!10 Best Ground Beef Recipes

10 best ground beef recieps

Make more new and exciting recipes with ground beef using these super easy-to-follow and scrumptious ground beef dinner recipes.

If you are looking to make some super simple yet easy dinner recipes to make for your family, and even better on a budget, keep following along.

The recipes I will list below are perfect to make in just a little bit of time, and still super filling and of course delicious and filled with protein.

Also, I tend to cook with beef often, but you can use ground turkey as another option for these recipes especially if you find it on sale or prefer ground turkey to ground beef.

How to make healthy ground beef recipes:

To keep these recipes on the healthier side while keeping things budget-conscious, Sam’s Club has a great section for beef where you can either get 93/7 beef for about $4.30 per pound in 3 lb sections, or you can always buy their 10 lb option and have enough to make every one of these recipes!

Or, you can grab the frozen ground turkey when you are trying to do less red meat and low the cholesterol. Either way will work great!

How to freeze these easy ground beef recipes:

Most of the recipes in this post can be frozen. However, the taco sheet pan quesadilla might not work well for freezing since the tortillas will soften over time.

But, you can always double the other recipes and freeze half of them in either a freezer-safe container, or ziplock bag, to use in the next 2-3 months when you need a break from cooking.

budget friendly meals

10 of the best beef recipes to make that are quick and easy:

  • Mozzarella Stuffed Meatloaf

    Difficulty: Easy

    This Mozzarella Stuffed Meatloaf is a fun take on a classic weeknight dinner and is so decadent and delicious!

  • Sheet Pan Burgers with Onions and Potatoes

    Difficulty: Easy

    These Sheet Pan Burgers are fantastic- bake the patties atop onions, so the burger comes out perfectly and the onions are caramelized!

  • Giant Sheet Pan Loaded Quesadilla

    Cooks in 70 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    This is a GIANT LOADED SHEET PAN QUESADILLA! I’m talking a sheet pan-sized quesadilla to cut into pieces and share. You’ll love it!

  • italian ground beef

    Italian Ground Beef and Vegetable Skillet

    Difficulty: Easy

    This Italian Ground Beef Skillet is tasty and takes about 20 minutes to make. Perfect for a busy night when you need dinner fast.

  • John Wayne Casserole

    Cooks in 70 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    Yummy biscuit crust is topped with delicious layers of ground beef, veggies, and lots and lots of cheese. This John Wayne Casserole will become a family favorite!

  • 20 – Minute Spaghetti Bolognese

    Cooks in 70 minutesDifficulty: Easy

    This hearty meat sauce tastes like it spent hours simmering on the stove, but you can have it on the table in 20 minutes.

Every one of these beef recipes my whole family has enjoyed, even the picky eaters of the family, so I hope yours do too!

Plus if you are newer to cooking, these recipes have very easy-to-follow instructions to make trying a new recipe easier and less daunting.

So be sure to save the recipes and add them to your menu for your monthly meal plan!

Dessert serving suggestions for beef recipes:

Here are some of our favorite recipes to serve after enjoying these family-friendly beef recipes that I know you will enjoy too!

Berry cobbler

Texas sheet cake cookies

Blueberry lemon loaf cake

Cinnamon roll biscuits

If you give these recipes a try, make sure to tag us on Instagram @julia.pacheco.cooking and let us know how much you liked the recipes!

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